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The Pitman Grove Area is on the New Jersey and National Registers of Historic Places. It developed from a summer camp meeting at the turn of the century. In the center of the Grove area is the Camp Meeting Auditorium which was built in 1882 and recently renovated. This historic building was once the center of Methodist worship. Revival meetings were held at the Auditorium; the first such meeting was in 1871.

The Pitman Grove Area consisted of 12 “Avenues”, each representing the disciples of Christ, that are joined to the auditorium as spokes on the hub of a wheel. Eventually small cottages were built on these Avenues and this was the origin of the town.

In 1905, Pitman Grove became the Borough of Pitman.

Today, the Borough of Pitman is approximately 2.2 square miles and has just under 10,000 residents. There are 5 schools within the Borough which includes: Pitman High School, Pitman Middle School and three Elementary Schools which are W.C.K. Walls School. Elwood Kindle School and Memorial School.

The Pitman Police Department is led by Chief Robert T. Zimmerman and currently consists of nineteen (19) officers, sixteen (16) full-time and three (3) S.L.E.O. II officers. In addition, the Pitman Police Department employs one full-time civilian employee.

Under the direction of Chief Zimmerman, the Pitman Police Department recently initiated their first ever K-9 Unit. Patrolman E.J. Parker was selected as the first K-9 officer and a Belgian Malinois was chosen to be Patrolman Parker’s partner. After receiving submissions from the public to help name the dog, the name chosen was “Ranger”. Ranger is named after fallen US Army Ranger and Pitman Resident, Alessandro Sandrino Plutino.

Other proactive initiatives recently undertaken by the Pitman Police Department include implementing tasers, a Trading Card Program which includes all employees, awarding an Officer of the Year which is nominated by members of the Pitman Police Department and selected by Chief Zimmerman; a new car design, updated in-car camera systems for all patrol cars, new computers for headquarters and each patrol car, new radar in each patrol car, upgraded fingerprinting system and new BDU uniforms for use during foul weather and special assignments.

Recruitment Officer

Chief of Police Daniel J. McAteer

Agency’s Basic Requirements and Application Process

The Pitman Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer whose application process has been traditionally open to anyone who has a New Jersey Police Training Commission (NJ PTC) Basic Officer Certification or who has the ability to gain a waiver for certification.

The Pitman Police Department hiring process consists of filing a completed application in full, a written examination, a physical fitness assessment test, an oral interview process, a psychological fitness exam , a comprehensive physical and a thorough background investigation. Sixty college credits are preferred.

Anyone interested in being considered for employment with the Pitman Police Department and meets the NJ PTC Basic Officer Certification, is encouraged to apply.